Property Management

10% full service property management. REALLY. INCLUDES TENANT SCREENING

If you just want a tenant screened I charge $100. We get a full credit and background check, call employers, and prior landlords. I’ve underwritten for FNMA, FHLMC, FHA and VA. I know what I’m looking for.

We show the home to prospective tenants, negotiate the lease collect rent and schedule maintenance


I won’t, “shark” your client or the future listing. I’ll put that in writing.

We work weekends just like you. Most Property Managers do not.

We don’t mark up for maintenance.

I do background checks, employment checks, and screen tenants by talking to employers and prior landlords.

I’ve built homes for a number of years and I have contacts. The plumber, framer, drywaller, carpet / tile installer, HVAC company and electrician that built my home will work on these homes.

I’ve managed real estate since 1987 and I own investment properties. I will treat your referral like family and their property like my own.

If your clients want you to refer a property manager. Refer Cobblestone Realty, 970 430-5150